Five Fun Painting Ideas For Kids Rooms

By Debbie Gretsch

So you want to change the look of your child’s room but aren’t really sure how to do it. You’ve never really been a painter, but hiring someone else to do is going to cost way too much. So now what? There are some fun and easy painting ideas for kids rooms that anyone can do and will easily change the look and feel of the bedroom all together.

1. Using words to decorate the walls. You probably never thought that decorating the walls with words could change the way it looks. You can keep the background color of your walls exactly the same not even lifting a paint brush. There are several different ways to go about painting words. You can do it by hand which can add a personal touch to any room, however if you’re handwriting is less than perfect you can also buy stencils to etch the words across the room. Some of the most fun and creative ideas come from nursery rhymes and other poems you may have heard. For example, for little boy’s rooms you could write the words “Snakes and Snails and Puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.” For little girls who might be sharing a room with sister you could write a cute phrase like, “Two are we, my sister and me.” You can make them up yourself or go looking for different quotes to use.

2. Murals. There are hundreds of different murals you can paint onto the walls of a kid’s room, however finding someone to draw it for you might be hard to find. Since it’s not a “professional” room or model home that you’re showing to a lot of people you can get away with having an amateur artist come and draw whatever it is you need. Then once the mural is done you can paint it as you like. Murals can change the look and feel of a bedroom dramatically and can literally make a kids room become a fantasy world.

3. Sketches. Sketching is a great way to use the paint in a bedroom, especially if you’re talented with the pencil. So what if you’re not? Well, instead of fretting over how you’re going to draw what your child wants look through some magazines and books to find the picture, make transparency of it and then project it onto the wall and trace it. It’s really that simple. Once you’ve got the outlines of the character or object you can start painting. So sketches can be a fun and easy way to add some personality to the bedroom whether you can draw or not.

4. Themes. Of course when you’re painting your child’s room you can always go with a theme which sometimes makes it easier to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. If you pick a theme before you begin any of the other stuff you can really get a clear picture of how you want to paint the room and what colors you will want to use. There are thousands of ideas out there when it comes to using themes to paint a room. From ocean sea floors, to princess and space ships the sky is truly the limit.

5. Magnetic and chalked paint. There are thousands of different ways to paint a child’s bedroom, and two of the coolest things you can do with wall paint is painting a wall with magnetic or chalked paint. Yes it’s true, you can buy paint that will actually make the wall a magnet and create a world of fun for your child. You can also buy paint that will allow your youngster to write directly on their wall like a chalkboard and erase it just the same. Of course you have to be careful that they only draw on the wall that has the chalked paint on it, but other than that it can be a lot of fun. There are literally hundreds of painting ideas for kid’s room. The hard part about it is finding one that you absolutely love and your child will love.

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