Dinosaur Bedding For Boys – Comforters, Duvets, Sheets

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Going thDinosaur Bedding For Boysrough the dinosaur stage with your kids is a fun time!  I’ve been there and everything had to be Dinosaurs!  That’s why dinosaur bedding for boys is a great idea for a bedroom theme during this stage.  I have provided links below to a collection of cool dinosaur bedding for boys.

This includes dinosaur comforters, duvet covers and dinosaur bed sheet sets in fun styles of patchwork and embroidered appliques that include favorite dinosaurs such as the Pterodactyl, T-Rex and Brontosaurus.  You will also find that most of these bedding sets have matching room decor such as window valances and clothes hampers that can be purchased separate.

You can find lots of Dinosaur Themed Bedding on Amazon for a good price.

Dinosaur Bedding For Boys – My Top Picks!

These are my top dinosaur bedding for boys sets.  They have a 4.5 – 5 star review rating, which is pretty darn good and means that they are of good quality.  These dinosaur comforter sets come as a 4 or 8 piece complete set.  These are great comforter sets for a dinosaur themed bedroom as they feature lots of large dinosaurs.

3 Piece Twin Dinosaur Comforter3 Piece Twin Dinosaur ComforterMizone Kids Dinosaur Dreams 4Mizone Kids Dinosaur Dreams 4Cliab Dinosaur Bedding QueenCliab Dinosaur Bedding QueenDinosaur Tracks Bedding SetDinosaur Tracks Bedding Set7pc Boy Blue Green Dinosaur Full7pc Boy Blue Green Dinosaur FullCool Mainstays Kids Dino RoamCool Mainstays Kids Dino Roam

Jurassic World Bedding For Kids

Jurassic World bedding is great of older kids looking for a dinosaur bedding set that is a bit more graphic.

Jurassic World 4pc TwinJurassic World 4pc TwinJurassic World Twin ComforterJurassic World Twin ComforterUniversal's Jurassic WorldUniversal’s Jurassic World

The Good Dinosaur Bedding For Boys

Good Dinosaur Trio Twin Comforter and Sheet SetGood Dinosaur Trio Twin Comforter and Sheet Set

My kids and I watched The Good Dinosaur movie together and we really enjoyed it.  I can see why kids would want a Good Dinosaur bedding set after watching it.

Well if that’s the case then this twin comforter and sheet set is a great choice.

You get an adorable twin comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillow case.  A perfect set!  It doesn’t say that the comforter is reversible but it does look like there are some colorful dinosaurs on the backside of that comforter if you did want to change it up.

There are more bedding choices, throw blankets and room decor for The Good Dinosaur Theme that you can find here.


Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Sets

Here are some great choices for toddler dinosaur bedding if you happen to have a toddler who loves dinosaurs.  They are the perfect size for toddler beds.

4 Piece Toddler Bed Set, The Good Dinosaur4 Piece Toddler Bed Set, The Good DinosaurOlive Kids Dinosaur Land Light Weight Toddler ComforterOlive Kids Dinosaur Land Light Weight Toddler Comforter4pc Dinosaur Tracks Toddler Bedding Set Dino Footprints4pc Dinosaur Tracks Toddler Bedding Set Dino FootprintsNavy Blue and Green Modern Dinosaur Boys or Girls 5 PieceNavy Blue and Green Modern Dinosaur Boys or Girls 5 PieceT-Rex Dinosaurs 4pc Dino Toddler Bedding SetT-Rex Dinosaurs 4pc Dino Toddler Bedding Set

Colorful Dinosaur Throw Blankets

Dinosaur throw blankets make a great gift idea for kids who love dinosaurs.  These are soft fleece throws great for grabbing on cooler days and nights.  Handy for the car as well as the soccer or hockey arena.

Good DinosaurGood DinosaurT-Rex Fleece ThrowT-Rex Fleece ThrowDinosaurs Roam FleeceDinosaurs Roam FleecePrint Plush Throw BlanketPrint Plush Throw Blanket


Creative Ideas For A Dinosaur Themed Bedroom:

There are many options that parents and their kids can use to create a great looking dinosaur themed bedroom.  This can be a fun activity for both the parent and their child to participate in.  Below I am going to list some creative ideas that you can use or they may just help spark some new ideas of your own.

First before we get into the ideas for your dinosaur theme, you and your child will need to have a bit of an idea for the overall back ground.  You can go with the green jungle look or the more desert sandy look with dino bones or may want to incorporate the two of them together.

You may want to pick out your dinosaur bedding before you start your theme.  This will help you to incorporate any colors that you may wish to use from the bedding set itself and if the bedding has dinosaur prints on it then you can get an idea of what type of dinosaurs you may want to add to your bedroom.  You will find that there are many styles and colors of dinosaur bedding for boys online to choose from.

Dinosaur Theme Creative Ideas:

1) Dinosaur wall stickers and wall murals create a very stunning effect and with the ability of being able to remove them and place them anywhere over again makes it easy to create a variety of fun scenes.  The dino stickers that I have seen are available in a cute cartoon style for toddlers to a very real life looking dinosaur stickers for older boys.

2) You could also get some dinosaur stencils of assorted styles and sizes and tape these to your wall where ever you would like to add a dinosaur silhouette.  Then you can buy the Crafter’s Acrylic paint in the little tubes in colors that you would like to paint your dinos in.  Get a thicker style of paint brush for brushing in your stencil.  I just use an old lid of a yogurt or margarine container for dabbing my brush in.  You will want your brush fairly dry and then dab in your stencil to cover it all in.  You can do a couple of coats if you would like it darker.  Then carefully take your stencil off.

3) Create your own models of dinosaurs and dinosaur bones with paper mache.  This would be a fun project that your child would love to help you with.  You can quickly make a model of a dinosaur using a small balloon for the body, tape toilet paper tubes for legs, a paper towel tube for a long neck and wrapped up newspaper bound with some tape for a head.  Take your paper mache and make a couple of wraps, let dry and another round of paper mache if needed, let dry and then paint!  You can display your model either on the floor if it is a big dinosaur or on a shelf.  If you make a flying dinosaur you can add a string into your wraps of paper mache so you can hang it from the ceiling.

4) Another idea can be a dinosaur skeleton model.  My son got one of these for his birthday and he had a blast building it.  One or two of these assembled and placed together on a book shelf look really good.

I hope that you have found these ideas fun and helpful in creating a great dinosaur themed bedroom for your kids.